Our Publications

Since our chief motive remains awareness, we use several mediums to spread our message.

We regularly publish Disability Awareness booklets which are basically simple pictorial information booklets to:

  • Create awareness, communicate APPROPRIATE INFORMATION on disability issues
  • Remove misinformation and provide appropriate visibility of persons with disabilities.
  • Alter reader’s perspective on the problems and issues faced by persons with disability,
  • Portray messages which convey the fact that Diversity is Good, Diversity is needed and Diversity adds Value to our lives.

Feel free to download FREE pdf files of our publications here.

  • “LOOK AT ME” in English by Rani Kaur Banerjee and Ritika Sahni  (2006) – Click Here
  • SAATHI HAATH BADHANA” in Hindi by Ritika Sahni (2007) – Click Here
  • “MI SUDHHA TUMCHYA TALACH EK” in Marathi by Iteshree Date (2010) – Click Here
  • ‘AABAVU AABHNE” in Gujarati by Dr. Urmi.G.Desai (2010) – Click Here
  • “ENNAI PARUNGAL” in Tamil by Meenakshi Venkatesh and Balaji Muthappan (2013) – Click Here


Audio Albums:

Copy of mani myaun inlay convert - Copy

We have two Audio Albums for children along with the Braille transcription of its lyrics available for visually impaired students. To know more Click Here


Copy of Ipad Sleeve

We have a few exhibits which have been created with the collaborated effort of disabled and non-disabled persons. These are available for sale. Click Here