Infotaining Inclusion Tools

Trinayani has been bearing the torch of awareness-building on diversity, inclusion and accessibility by conducting customised, ever-transforming awareness sessions & workshops for different stakeholders, along with promoting awareness through creative means in the form of literature, games, puppet show, music and awareness films. We believe that inclusion can only happen when the ‘I’ perspective transitions to the ‘We” perspective. A positive, open and universal outlook is the key to inclusion. Through our various projects and initiatives, we build on these stepping stones to create a path that can be tread upon by ALL. 
We urge you to read and connect with us if any of the below strategies, appeals to you, and can be used by you to further the cause of disability awareness. Some of our tools for Inclusion are: 
1. Games
2. Puppet Show
3. Story Books
4. Awareness Booklets
5. Worksheets on Student Sensitization


Get your own game kit today. To know more about the 6-in-1 card game kit, click here.

Product Specification:

· 10 ft by 10 ft flex sheet
· Super-sized stuffed die
· Instruction card
· Discussion card


We include live musical narration and synchronised puppetry which makes the show fresh every time. Catch a glimpse here: 

Through this method, not only do we rekindle the imagination of the younger generation, but also continue the legacy of our age-old techniques, protecting them from extinction. For further details and to know more about the shows in Mumbai, click here.

Story Books

Awareness Booklets

Since our chief motive remains awareness, we use several mediums to spread our message.
We regularly publish Disability Awareness booklets which are basically simple pictorial information booklets to:
  • Create awareness, communicate APPROPRIATE INFORMATION on disability issues
  • Remove misinformation and provide appropriate visibility of persons with disabilities.
  • Alter reader’s perspective on the problems and issues faced by persons with disability,
  • Portray messages which convey the fact that Diversity is Good, Diversity is needed and Diversity adds Value to our lives.
Feel free to download FREE pdf files of our publications here.


Worksheets on Student Sensitization

We at Trinayani have been working on designing literature to introduce our young children to and learn about diversity. The Pdfs below can be used as a teaching tool for the students. These were created to be used as a starting point in developing lessons. 
The object of this initiative is to take away the fear and avoidance that comes from facing the unknown and replace it with a comfortable attitude leading to active and compassionate engagement with people different from ourselves.
For Students of Classes 4 and 5
  1. Fun With Pictures 
  2. Food For Thought
  3. Talking Hands
  4. Diversities In Communication
  5. What Your Message, Who The Messenger
  6. Creation In Verse
  7. Do Not Define
  8. Poets Corner