About Us

Do you know how many Indians are disabled and how many people are becoming disabled every day as a result of Diseases, Accidents, Wars, Malnutrition, and Lack of Awareness? Please remember:


Disability Can Meet Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!


Tackling disability issues isn’t a finite mission, not the least in India, where there are various levels of misconceptions the general public lives with.


Issues related to disability have become a pressing concern. Knowingly or unknowingly persons with disabilities often face discrimination, biases or even complete exclusion from a society, which is otherwise, meant for all.


In 2006, TRINAYANI was founded with a purpose of combating discrimination against people with disabilities. Our main focus has been to assist and encourage individuals with disabilities in making their mark and functioning as a part of mainstream society.


Striving every day to break myths and remove cobwebs of ignorance from the minds of citizens, students, employers and sometimes disabled persons themselves, Trinayani indulges in various initiatives like Creating Awareness films, Broadcasting Radio Programs, Conducting Awareness Seminars-Workshops, Printing Books and Maintaining a Website with the mission to enable and empower persons with disabilities in India as also bring about a perceptual change in society by creating awareness about disabilities.


We believe “Disability is not the problem. The real problem is ATTITUDINAL Barriers.”