At Trinayani, we have always believed that our achievements have been possible because of the support of our partners and collaborators. We are grateful to them for giving us the opportunity, showing faith in us and helping us take some steps towards creating awareness about disabilities.    Here is what our partners have to say about us:
HACSE staff and students (B Ed Special education) experienced your puppet show recently. What an impacting show. As the policies and legislation of the country indicate, inclusion is here to stay but teachers, parents, society, need to roll up and get into action mode for it to stay in reality. The puppet show of Trinayani has the potential to trigger the action if more and more shows are performed as a snowball effect. The content is well put together wrapped in the powerful musical experience. It is successful in terms of giving a clear and direct message about diversity, equality and inclusion.  

What I like the most is the format used – the puppet show. In the age of screen restricted entertainment, the impact of puppets is beyond doubt. The medium retails formally unexplored for the purpose of education interwoven with entertainment. Kudos to team Ritika for this power-packed presentation.


All the very best to the show for the journey ahead and the hope to see many more shows in many more languages, keep the spirit high.

Asmita Huddar – Principal, Hashu Advani College of Special Education, Mumbai for our “The Learning Factory” Inclusive Puppet Show  
Throughout my 50 years of working in the Indian Educational system, I have been concerned about “the one size fits all” principle that unfortunately underlies the educational system. We have appreciated Ritika and her work for many years and have been happy to sponsor her puppet show “The Learning Factory”. The show itself clearly shows the need for a more inclusive approach to children’s differing learning needs in a fun-filled manner. Even in the creation of the show she inclusively trained people from diverse backgrounds to become its puppeteers, We need more Ritikas who can work collaboratively together to bring about a sea change in thinking so that all children are able to learn happily and in their own way, experiencing repeated success. Well done Ritika!

Elizabeth Mehta – Founder-Trustee, Muktangan Education Trust

for our “The Learning Factory” Inclusive Puppet Show

I really loved the Puppet Show, “The Animal Story”. It has such a poignant message communicated so effectively that can reach any teacher and any parent. All children are different and we have to identify their strengths and hone them to maximize their individual talent. Such a simple thing and yet we try to measure all children with the same yardstick!    

Dr Sujata Bhan – Professor and Head, Dept. of Special Education, SNDT Women’s University, Juhu Campus, Mumbai for our “The Learning Factory” Inclusive Puppet Show

“It was a very interactive session. Ritika ma’am played card games with the participants. The event had its own bonus takeaways for everyone which wasn’t just fun but also very informative. We learnt a lot through this session and the games that we played. These games can be played with our friends and family as well. The session was very insightful and helped us understand more about the inclusive community. A big thank you from all of us. It was a great session. We are very eager to attend more such events in the future.”  

Avishikta Mukherjee, Fr Agnel School Mumbai

for our “Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion

I would like to say a huge thank you for that wonderful workshop. I would not use the word workshop rather would use the term, I opened up, and words are not just enough to express what I felt at that particular moment after the entire experience. As human beings, I’ve realized, more so after entering the teaching profession that we fail to understand or we fail to recognize certain situations, just because it hasn’t happened with us or it has not happened to our near and dear ones. So creating awareness is such an amazing thing to do, and a huge responsibility on your shoulders for our country. And not just creating awareness creating it in such a beautiful and innovative manner. So once again thank you so very much for the wonderful experience.   Rindu Jaykumar – Middle School Teacher, Fr Agnel School Mumbai for our “Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion  
Thank you Trinayani for organizing this Zoom meeting for Father Agnel’s teachers and staff. We had a lovely time. We understood what was this kit all about. We understood the card games, which you very nicely explained to us. I learned that these cards can be played like Uno. And while playing, while interacting, we learned new words like – tactile chess. I never knew that people who are visually impaired could play chess. This was a new, Ah! moment for me.  I also learned a few things. So unknowingly – knowingly, through these card games, we learn many things and in our small ways, we too can do something for them.   

Vaishali Thomas – Middle School Teacher, Fr Agnel School Mumbai

for our “Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion

My students and I learned a lot about how to address or even perceive disability. I felt it was very important to make us realise the shift towards inclusion rather than a segregated approach to supporting the disabled.     Pranjali Bhagwat, Teach for India Fellow for our “Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion  
It was a very informative session. The card game kit is a way of understanding and applicable for age groups. Helps with awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking.        

Dr Anuradha Wats – Clinical psychologist, Deepshikha Institute of Child and Mental Health

for our “Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion

“It was a great pleasure for HPCL to join hands with Trinayani and sponsor the third season of their Radio Show MUD MUD KE NA DEKH broadcast on All India Radio in 17 cities. It was a huge success in terms of its reach and impact and we congratulate Ritika for doing it with all her expertise.” For Complete Testimonial Click Here Sonal Desai – General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited for our “Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh” Radio Show  

“The blind therapist from the NGO used to visit our office premises on a specific day of the week… We are really impressed by the quality of service provided by the NGO. They have really done a good job of providing employment status to differently-abled people.”

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DatAvail, Thane, A Subsidiary of DatAvail Corporation, USA for our “Sparsh Foot Spa” livelihood initiative

“Being visually impaired, the therapists do a wonderful job in Acupressure and Massage Therapy. They are being trained by Trinayani, and, to say the least, they are doing a wonderful job. They are talented, very humble and friendly in their approach.” For Complete Testimonial Click Here Arif Khan – Chief Human Resource Officer, Berggruen Hotels (Keys) Corporate Office, Mumbai for our “Sparsh Foot Spa” livelihood initiative    

“Their advocacy for persons with disabilities has yielded many successful outcomes. Trinayani brought fresh energy and zeal in the way they talk about persons with disabilities.”

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Poonam Natarajan – Chairperson, The National Trust, New Delhi for our “Count Me In” Disability Awareness Campaign

“At Indigo, Trinayani is credited with doing groundbreaking work by partnering with Indigo in enhancing the learning experience for personnel involved in dealing with people with disabilities. It is perhaps for the first time that an airline partnered with an NGO, to provide real-life insight by inviting self-advocates to share their experience during air travel.” For Complete Testimonial Click Here Summit Sharma – Director, ifly, Learning and Development, IndiGo for our Sensitisation Workshops 
“Listening to Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh was very helpful in understanding disability beyond school and education”

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Balu Kharat – B.Ed HI, 2013-14 batch, Hashu Advani College of Special Education, Mumbai for our “Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh” Radio Show

त्रिनयनी ने जिस तरीके से अपनी बात रखी हमारे सामने और हमें मार्ग दर्शन दिया, ऐसा पहले कभी नहीं हुआ. कुछ संस्थाओं ने भी मार्ग दर्शन कियालेकिन उन्होंने विकालांंगता का एक ही प्रकार समझाया, लेकिन त्रिनयनी की तरफ से सभी बातें बताई गयीऔर ये सब समझने मैं काफी आसान थी, क्यूंकि ये सब हिंदी में था. इसकी सहायता हमें हमारे काम में हो रही है For Complete Testimonial Click Here Subhash Ranjan and Tushar Kadam – Pratham, Mumbai for our Sensitisation Workshops 
I think the first line is very powerful. We give them a special name to pay lip service to affirmative action and satisfy our own unease. Through different terminology, we specialize and marginalize them. We ensure that they form a separate category that needs to be treated specially and separately.

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Participants of Sahyog Trust on the workshop on the language of disability

“It was a great learning experience wherein we will start looking beyond ourselves and understand certain values such as acceptance, respect, tolerance, sensitivity, sharing, accommodating and cooperating and value each other, despite differences and thereby teach the same to our children”. For Complete Testimonial Click here Teachers of  Delhi Public School Ludhiana, Patna, Coimbatore and Pune provide their feedback on the various workshops conducted for them during the year 2015-16.
Many a times it happens that even if you have the desire to motivate and inspire the people around you by sharing your life’s toughest incidents and stories of how you overcame them, or the desire to share your knowledge and experiences for the betterment of society, you don’t get the appropriate medium or channel to do so. But I am lucky enough to have been given a chance by Trinayani, not once but four times, to spread positivity and smiles to the ones who need it the most. And the inclusive Dandiya was the best one. Ritika, founder of Trinayani, is an absolute to delight to work with. She’s one of the most warm, compassionate and real humans that I have come across. She strives hard towards implementation of inclusiveness for differently abled persons and her sheer dedication for the same is what drives the onlookers happy. It has been a cherishable journey with Ritika and Trinayani, will always be so forever.

Self Advocate Bijoli Shah

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