The Trinayani Team

Ritika Sahni: The primary driving force behind the day to day functioning of the organization, spearheading all our projects and initiatives.

Indranil Goswami: Chairperson of Trinayani, he is a writer filmmaker by profession and our prime creative support.

Shobha Sachdev: Having 25 years of experience in the disability sector, Shobha is the main Resource person of our organization.

Helen Mukkath: The Volunteer who converted to a staff member motivated by the Trinayani values and who contributed also as an accountant thanks to her experience as an entrepreneur.

Ramesh Mangilal Chavan: The Efficient Blind Masseur who has been with Trinayani for more than a year conducting reflexology sessions for spa and corporate clients.

Kanchan Rohera: A Trustee of the NGO Sangopita based out of Badlapur, Kanchan is one of our multifaceted supports.

Kalpana Maheshwari: A regular homemaker who joined us recently. With her great spirit of service and her compassionate winning nature, she has already become a great support.

Lata Sadashiv: One of our first blind therapists of Sparsh Foot Spa, Lata has been working with us for 4 years and is now married to a partially sighted worker.

Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal: Our creative Consultant who with her magic touch brightens up all our events.

Joushua Dmello: 22-year-old Joshua who has Autism had joined as a trainee assisting us in our administrative work.

Shardul Daredia: A young intern, who helped us re-design our brochures and other print material.

Priyanjali Bagaria: A film student who recently volunteered and made some short films for us.