Sensitization and Awareness Workshops

Conversations around diversity and inclusion have been scarce among people without disabilities. Often the topic is something that does not affect or resonate with one, although just like any other global issue or occurrence; disability should be a matter of interest for all citizens. 

Right from the conception of Trinayani in 2006, a constant and impactful pillar of our work has been building awareness and sensitivity amidst the non-disabled population in India. Making this pillar our core strengths that have now been ingrained in every task and activity that we plan and conduct. 

The ultimate objective is to move from awareness to acceptance and integration.

At Trinayani, we feel that disability awareness starts with all of us and benefits all of us. We need to reach out, interact, and learn more about the people we share space with, within this world. Each of us, including your school, plays a key role in facilitating this. Our games will enable the academic community to enhance empathy, make social connections with people who are different and learn not to leave anyone behind.

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You can reach out to Ms Ritika Sahni at [email protected] or +91 97693 57390. You can reach out via her social media handles: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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Here is a glimpse of the different kinds of workshops conducted:

1. Basic Workshops 

This workshop is for the public in general on basic attributes and aspects of the world of disability that every person must be aware of and learn more about. Trinayani has been conducting these in various forms, namely:

2. The Academic Community 

These workshops are designed and curated specifically for the academic community depending on the area of intervention or the needs of the stakeholder. The workshops vary from one another on the basis of the expertise and knowledge of the target group.

3. Corporate Community

4. Parents/ Caregivers

5. Designed Workshops 


Trinayani humbly takes pride in the fact that due to our unique and creative approaches; we are approached to conduct one-time or a series of workshops for various stakeholders from multi-disciplinary teams like nurses, bus conductors, hospitality staff and many more. An added nuance to these has been the incorporation of the Card games from our Towards Inclusion Disability Awareness Game Kit.

The diverse world of disability is a very significant and key concern that applies to all stakeholders. In the past few years, we have observed how the ripple of inclusion has touched upon everyone and ignited the light of the change that has facilitated many of you to reach out to us to take you on, on this journey. These sessions are a need of the hour, and we urge you to take that step with us so that as citizens our duties to our counterparts are fulfilled. Reach out to us to envisage this journey with us.