Game Focus
1. Do You Know? – Card game akin to UNO Provides basic knowledge on disability
2. Inclusion Bingo – Card game akin to HOUSIE Provides awareness of disability-specific vocabulary
3. Surprise! Surprise! – Sorting Game Challenges commonly held misconceptions and provide facts surrounding disability
4. Barriers Begone! – Card game akin to RUMMY Enables recognition of various barriers for the disabled community, and solutions for it
5. Say this, not that! – Speed card game Acquaints players with knowledge of appropriate language use about disability
6. Hear! Hear! – Memory Game Features informative articles about disability

Your Contribution

Individual Kits cost Rs 1500 inclusive of shipping in India. You can buy your own kit over here.

“Towards Inclusion” Disability Awareness and Game Kit Discussion                     

For the Academic Community/ schools/ colleges, teacher trainee institutes, across the country, we continue to offer 90 minutes online sessions of this workshop against a contribution of Rs 5500, which also entitled the participating organization /school to One Game kit for free. 

However, the key objective — post the launch of the Towards Inclusion game kit – is to conduct in-person “Towards Inclusion” sensitization game kit sessions of a duration of 3 hours.  It is a preferred mode of conduct as there is a certain charm in face-to-face discourses that provide in-depth understanding and engagement.  Here are 2 clippings of our in-person workshop.


To know more about the workshop, click here.

For more details, reach out to us at ritika@trinyani.org or +91 97693 57390

Check out the Unboxing video of our Game Kit 

Check out the Tutorial Video of our Game Kit