Trinayani works towards creating awareness about diversity, disability, and inclusion. Disability awareness is helping oneself and others to change the fear and confusion into opportunities for acceptance and understanding.


We have just launched the first-ever fun card game kit on disability awareness, developed over two years of extensive research and pilot study. Titled “TOWARDS INCLUSION” – this Disability Awareness card game kit, is aimed at promoting acceptance, familiarizing the user with the world of disability through a playful method, challenging commonly held stereotypes around disability, leading to attitude change


Developed by:

Ms Padma Shastry, Inclusive Education Specialist, Samam Vidya, Bangalore

Ms Ritika Sahni, Disability Campaigner, Founder, Trinayani, Mumbai


Our Towards Inclusion Disability Awareness Game Kit Includes:

·       6 thrilling card game sets with instruction sheets

·       An answer booklet with additional information on new terminologies in the space of disability.

·       An additional story-cum-workbook titled, ‘I am Different. So are you’, for children.


Highlights of the game kit;  

·       Has educational and entertainment value

·       Create awareness, increases knowledge and understanding about disability

·       Multiple-use cards


Target group:

This game kit can be used by all age groups, across all categories.  We hope to sensitize people about disability as a difference and not as a disadvantage. 


It is highly recommended for the educational community. This kit will play a part in imparting values, changing attitudes and providing adequate, appropriate and relevant information necessary for harmonious inclusion in an interactive, engaging and fun way. The message we like to amplify for schools is that “Inclusive education is here to stay; prepare for it.”


  The 6 card games are

Sr. No. Name Focus
1. Do You Know? – Card game akin to UNO Provides basic knowledge on disability
2. Inclusion Bingo – Card game akin to HOUSIE Provides awareness of disability-specific vocabulary
3. Surprise! Surprise! – Sorting Game Challenges commonly held misconceptions and provide facts surrounding disability
4. Barriers Begone! – Card game akin to RUMMY Enables recognition of various barriers for the disabled community, and solutions for it
5. Say this, not that! – Speed card game Acquaints players with knowledge of appropriate language use about disability
6. Hear! Hear! – Memory Game Features informative articles about disability


Individual Kits costs Rs 1500 inclusive of shipping. Click here to purchase your own Towards Inclusion game kit.


Special Offer to Schools/corporates and organizations interested to start their inclusion journey: 2 free games kits are offered with a 90 minutes online sensitization workshop designed according to the needs of the participating organization and conducted by Ritika Sahni, Trainer and Consultant in Disability Inclusion, for up to 100 participants, over zoom, for a fee of Rs 5500.


Enjoy the Unboxing Video of our Game Kit,

Watch the Card Game Tutorial Video for a brief introduction to all the 6 card games