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A Disability Equality Workshop for TATA REALTY Chennai

In our endeavour to spread awareness amongst people regarding disability and persons with disabilities in order to bring about attitudinal change, we conduct several workshops.

On the 28th of March 2014, we conducted a Disability Equality Workshop for 23 employees of Tata Realty in Chennai. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the concept of disability as well as to promote empathy, understanding and inclusion of all abilities. The session specifically threw light on the perceptions about disabilities and ways to interact with persons with disabilities. Self Advocate Malvika Iyer shared her experiences of using a prosthetic arm.

A large number of people participated in the workshop including the CEO, the General Manager, Senior Manager, Assistant General Manager, consultants, Senior Executives and trainees. The concept that “a disabled person does not need sympathy, he needs to be treated equally” was put across to the participants clearly and forcefully.

The feedback from the participants of the workshop was positive. Senior Executive Mr Tamil Mani wrote in his feedback form:

“The Session was really good and positive. It’s clearly delivered the message that disabled and Non-Disabled are equally special in their own talent & attitude and they need accompany not sympathy

Especially Ms. Malvika Iyer’s speech was so energetic and it showed that real disability is actually meaning of week mind not by physical Trainer was clear in her attitude to communicate the message in right way.”

Our “Understanding Disability/Diversities- Creating a Better World for a Better Me” or the Disability Equality Workshops for the corporate sector is all about developing a disability oriented perspective and are designed keeping in mind the fact that it is important that all employees in any given company have an awareness of people with disabilities. This awareness includes understanding how to interact with and make the company’s services accessible to people with disabilities in order to maintain strong business relationships with them. Some of the priorities of the workshop are to introduce and incorporate disability awareness concepts and to promote empathy, understanding, and inclusion of all abilities.

Tata Reality2

Ritika showed an awareness film during the workshop

The focus of such workshops is to facilitate an attitudinal change in the participants such that disability is not looked down upon as an AFFLICTION but recognized as a DIFFERENCE.

What is a disability? “Why does it make people feel uncomfortable? What are Visible and Invisible disabilities? Why/How are you different? What do you think it would be like? How would you like to be treated?” are some of the questions we ponder upon.


To conduct such workshops at your office, please contact us.