Sensitization Workshops

We conduct workshops for corporates, educational institutes & stakeholders to sensitize & spread awareness

Sparsh Foot Spa

is our employability initiative run by visually impaired massage therapists. To hire their services. Click here.

Pehli Baarish

is our Inclusive Music Band comprising musicians with and without disability. To host our performance. Click here.

Inclusive Events

are organised for our friends with and without disabilities with the motive of "being seen", dissolving barriers and having conversations.


Get to know the personal stories of our friends with different disabilities and how they have touched other lives through our blog. READ ON....

Towards Inclusion Card Game Kit

We have just launched the first ever fun card game kit on disability awareness, developed over two years of extensive research and pilot study.
Titled “TOWARDS INCLUSION” – this Disability Awareness card game kit, is aimed at promoting acceptance, familiarizing the user with the world of disability through a playful method, challenging commonly held stereotypes around disability, leading to attitude change

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A Poem to Celebrate Diversities

"I am Special so are you" originally written in English by our friend Vanessa Ohri has been translated into Hindi and Bengali too. Please read and share.

Get Involved

An African Proverb says "If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together" And we want to reach the horizon with your support! Click here to Get

Buy Our Exhibits

Capture a memento from the Trinayani Journey. Buy exhibits exclusively made by the Trinayani family members

Share Your Stories

Every person holds in himself a story to be told, an idea to spread. We are all ears for your unique story. Tell us today

  • Musical Puppet Show “The Learning Factory” towards Inclusion in Education

Keeping the vision and mission of Trinayani in mind, we wanted to urge educators to question their policies on Inclusive Education and respect for Diversity and wished to share the message of equality to students through the playful yet powerful medium of Puppetry. We curated an English musical puppet play “The Learning Factory” on Diversity […]

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  • TOWARDS INLUSION Disability Awareness Family Game kit: ‘Instilling Disability Awareness in Education’

Now that the law has changed and Inclusive Education is the norm, the character of our classrooms is changing. Both teachers and students will hopefully be interacting with a segment of the population that has so far been invisible. We believe, that the schools of the future will be truly inclusive with diversities of all […]

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  • Celebrating Diversity- the Difference is in knowing – March 2016 to April 2016. Campaign for Delhi Public School, Pune, Ludhiana, Patna and Coimbatore

The essence of AWARENESS is the realization that there is a huge world out there with amazing people who live very different lives. We at Trinayani believe that if one is made aware of the several ways in which people differ, we will learn how to embrace diversities and the importance of respecting and tolerating […]

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