You See Disability We See THIS-ABILITY

At Trinayani we believe that one of the first and most significant steps to changing negative stereotypes and attitudes toward people with disabilities begins when we rethink the way written and spoken images are used to portray people with disabilities. Keeping in mind the very powerful role of the ‘media’, we addressed the media professionals to wield the power of the pen to influence readers to action through a series of articles.


Copy of DSC02896The This-Ability series of articles explores the intriguing lives of persons with disabilities and were published in two National Dailies and several E-magazines.  The rationale behind these series was the need to be saved from having a single story of what persons with disabilities are, as a single story robs us of our dignity, makes the recognition of our equal humanity difficult and also emphasizes how we are different rather than how similar we are.

Through our This-Ability articles, written primarily by Malay Desai along with other guest writers, we try to weave many stories about persons with disabilities.

Copy of 1The Articles were published every week every Sunday in the Panorama Magazine of Navhind Times, Goa starting April 2012 till December 2012. The PDFs of these articles are enclosed.

This-Ability articles were also featured on the following websites:

The online magazine, The Better India:

The blog, Chai with Lakshmi:

The website of Barrier Break

Pooja Vijay Laughs and Lessons with Comedienne Pooja Vijay Raynah Coutinho TES ORBIT – JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2018
Deepa Narsimhan Unstoppable force on wheels James Roy THE TELEGRAPH – 18 August 2018
Sneha Jawale A phoenix from the ashes James Roy THE TELEGRAPH – 3 April 2018
Bhavna Botta The Power of Silent Communication James Roy TES ORBIT – JANUARY-MARCH 2018
Kimaya Wavikar How this Mother Turned Down’s Syndrome into an Upward Spiral Raynah Coutinho TES ORBIT – OCTOBER-DECEMBER, 2018
Sai Padma The odd woman in Malay Desai View PDF
Nipun Malhotra The CEO with muscle Malay Desai View PDF
Nidhi Goyal Sense and sensuality Malay Desai View PDF
Nilesh Singit Advocating A Bold Attitude Malay Desai
Pradip Sinha Ready to touch a new high Malay Desai
Divyanshu Ganatra Up for a Shrink Today James Roy
Review of  ‘BARFI’ by Dr Lal,  Lata Nayak, Sohail Lakhani & Sunil Saharabudhhe Reel, Not Real, but Intentions Right Malay Desai
Priti Rohra Tech the way up Malay Desai
Sharmila Divatia Encephalitis Could Not Stop This Go-Getter! Malay Desai
Kanchan Pamnani Law and behold, a blind lawyer Henna AchhPal
 Divya Arora Avatars of a different kind Malay Desai
Lata ,Sachin & Bhagyashree of Trinayani  Sparsh World at your feet Malay Desai
Rubyna Harron Taking on a Deeper Hue Malay Desai

PDF OF THE ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN TELEGRAPH AND NAVHIND TIMES ARE AVAILABLE BELOW.  Click on the article you wish to read. We urge you to give it some time to download.

Jeeja Ghosh Leaving ‘from’ a Jet Plane Malay Desai 15th  April 2012
Charudatta Jadhav The Blind Superhero of Indian Chess Malay Desai 6th July 2012
Avelino de Sa Supporting Others Step out of the Shadow Sheela Jayant 13th May 2012
Den Sayomdeb Mukherji Call him RJ Wordsworth James Roy 20th May 2012
Deepa Sachdev Super Facial, not superficial Malay Desai 3rd June 2012
Rahul Cherian Interpreter of Maladies Malay Desai 22nd June 2012
A General Article Lessons from This Ability Malay Desai 1st July 2012
Sohail Lakhani Hatching a 70mm dream Malay Desai 15th July 2012
INTOUCHABLES film review by Neenu Kewlani, Arvind Prabhoo & Ketna Mehta The Significant Others Malay Desai 22nd July 2012
Neenu Kewlani, Arvind Prabhoo & Sunita Sancheti A Sterling Barrier Malay Desai 29th July 2012
Narayan Ramakrishnan – Foot Painter That Sure-Footed Painter of Mumbai Malay Desai 12th August 2012
Dhruv Lakhra – Mirakle Couriers Success in small packages Malay Desai 26th August 2012
Sam Taraporevala XRCVC Uncle Sam’s Battles & Wars Malay Desai 2nd September 2012
Javed Abidi Disability is Just a Speck on the Radar Screen of The Nation Malay Desai 24th July 2013
Article on Paralympics Games Para-Excellence James Roy 16th September  2012
Sachin Tendulkar The Ground Beneath The Last Hurrah Malay Desai 28th November 2013
Sunil Sahasrabudhe and his Family A language that Leaves You Speechless Malay Desai 2nd July 2012
Navin Gulia Driving the Point Home James Roy 24th July 2013