Welcome To Sparsh Foot Spa

“Seeing is believing” and as a NGO working on creating awareness on disabilities and providing equal opportunities for PWDs, we run SPARSH,  a self sustaining Foot Reflexology Spa managed by trained Blind therapists.


For hundreds of years, blind people have been trained to massage, making use of their “seeing hands” which may be, if not the same, perhaps, more capable than those of sighted people.
The Sparsh Foot Spa therapists have acquired training in Acupressure and Massage therapy under the supervision of National Association for the Blind, or the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. The services they offer are stress relieving and rejuvenating foot, neck- shoulder- back, head, face and full body massage therapy.
Our Sparsh Foot Spa employability initiative has come a long way in altering perceptions and attitudes of the community towards Blind persons.
We continue to urge corporate houses/ event organizers and friends to hire the services of our therapists, to provide relaxing, rejuvenating and healing 15 minutes acupressure therapy for the benefit of the teeming workforce that spend time bending over the computer and otherwise. Some corporates like 212 Bar and Grill, corporate offices of Chalet Hotels, Keys Hotel, Datavail in Thane have also hired them on a monthly basis.
They are also regulars at birthday parties, kitty parties and other celebratory events including melas and carnivals. The Sparsh Foot Spa stalls at Malls, Marathons, Melas, Corporate offices and Celebratory events provides us a unique opportunity:

  • Of igniting the curiosity of visitors at the event who chance upon our therapists at work.
  • Of changing attitudes of those who actually take a session and realize the expertise/skill of our therapists.
  • Of clients paying a fee for a service rendered which is contradictory to the age old convention of giving alms to blind persons.


IMG-20150131-03292 - CopyBhagyashree with actor Dilip Tahil at SCMM 2012IMG_20160716_101003IMG_20160624_143608

For a typical Foot Massage session, we require 3 chairs. One on which the Client sits, one on which the client places their feet and 3rd chair is placed in front for the therapist to sit on. This is usually provided by the venue where we are invited. Do go through the pictures for you to have a better understanding of the same.



Ritika Sahni with Sachin, Sangita, Bhagyashree, Sangeeta and Meera, our trained blind reflexologistsIMG_20160812_163944

Here is also the link to a film where our therapists were invited for a Women day Celebration Event by a corporate office at Fort.


Please feel free to reach out to us here in case of any queries