Volunteering at Trinayani


“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves” ~ James Matthew Barrie


Have you ever wondered why people opt to volunteer? Why do organisations look for volunteers? Why is it significant to volunteer?


From the time that I was in school, I unknowingly volunteered with a lot of organisations – a huge credit goes to my school. I never stopped and thought that what I gained from it would just flow with every experience and never look back.

I came across Trinayani in April 2021, I remember vividly that I saw the founder and trustee Ms Sahni share a snippet of the Towards Inclusion Disability awareness card game kit. I was immediately drawn to it. I got in touch with Ms Sahni and we immediately got talking, now that I think of it – we both grabbed onto the opportunity and started working with each other. 


At first, yet again, I went with the flow of volunteering, without stopping and reflecting on it up till august when I was employed as the team lead for the organisation. Under my roles and responsibility, a significant step was to onboard volunteers and manage the tasks and activities that they conduct for the organisation.

This was a different experience, as I looked at the process from a bird’s eye view. I realized that there is a certain beauty to volunteering; I started observing that a volunteer (I included myself in the pool too) comes with no expectations but an open vessel that is eagerly waiting to be filled with knowledge and learnings. The organisation is the catalyst that facilitates that and hence, a beautiful relationship is formed where both are exchanging valuable aspects with each other.

I reflected on what I never stopped and thought about during my volunteering experiences, the fact that with each and every volunteering experience we open a world to a plethora of learnings, interactions, tools and techniques that pop up now and then when we step into the world and start our careers. They come in the form of insights, vivid memories, learnings that form ideas and the list goes on. 


Trinayani being a volunteering organisation values its volunteers dearly, they pivot around the core to facilitate the organisation’s vision and mission. When that partnership ends, it leaves both of us with so many insights that assist in refining ourselves further as we grow and mature with time. 


We take pride when our volunteers leave us as we have managed to instil some important values like being aware of an important social sector, being tolerant, kind and empathetic and acting as the seeds of our fruit that would further sow these seeds within their ecosystem. 


Volunteering is an experience that one carries for a lifetime. We invite all of you with open arms to come experience with us the beauty of volunteering and witnessing the world of disability.