Snakes and Ladder Floor Game

While growing up, all of us have had the chance to roll the dice and avoid the gigantic snakes to victory in the snakes and ladders games. Imagine if you could do the same but, in the process, you are revisiting your attitude and perceptions towards people with disabilities around you?  Trinayani, supported by Samam Vidya, is happy to present the interactive version of the classic game of Snakes and Ladders in order to inculcate the value of understanding and respecting the various ways people differ. This fun-filled kinesthetic group activity requires participants to be the pawns on this room-sized game, which is played with an oversized die.


Our version features situations written on the board involving values and behaviours, resulting in forwarding or backward motions, and leading to discussions along the way. The idea is to reinforce that, accommodating our fellow citizens and making considerate choices can result in going up the ladder.


We have this S & L game in Hindi, English and Bengali.  We also have 2 different versions, one for the academic community and one for the corporate sector.


You can order this game which will be shipped by Trinayani within 3 weeks from the date or order.


Product Specification:

· 10 ft by 10 ft flex sheet

· Super-sized stuffed die

· Instruction card

· Discussion card

Final Snake & Ladders Trinayani edition
Snakes and Ladder Game to Celebrate Diversities for professionals and employers
Snakes and Ladder Game to Celebrate Diversities for the Academic Community