Preeti’s Eternal Flame


I may have a disability but, I am the first blind Aerobics Instructor known!

My blindness did not prevent me from becoming an Aerobics Instructor, a Sales and Marketing professional, a Public Relations person, An Author, A Corporate Trainer, a Counselor, a Motivation Speaker, an entrepreneur, an expert homemaker, an expert cook and a happy Grandmother! Disability is not a qualification; it is your ability that matters!

I am the Founder and CEO of the Silver Linings Trust & Silver Linings Services, plus, Director Project, of Project Jyoti of the Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital! My Work encompasses, promoting the Inclusion of People with Disabilities into mainstream society, supporting Gender issues, facilitating Cornea Retrieval; in addition, I run an Executive Search and training business.
I blind since childhood, have been singlehandedly working towards improving lives; directly/indirectly impacting millions through my unremitting and arduous efforts for the last 3 decades now! Apart from the services listed above, the other exclusive services offered by my various professional outfits include, Motivation Speaking, Life Coaching, Leadership and Fitness Training, Employment of Disabled, D&I, exponentially growing Cornea Retrieval, creating Awareness via Project Fusion a platform that brings together people with and without disability to socially network, Empowering blind females & Trauma Counseling!
Some of the companies I have worked for are: Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Katha, and The National Association for the Blind, P.P. Systems Pvt. Ltd. and Shushave Agriculture Farms Pvt. Ltd. I have worked in the capacity of Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Public Relations head, Patient Relations head, trainer, fundraiser and counsellor.

I am the first visually impaired Aerobic instructor in the country and also am an outstanding motivational speaker. I conduct training to promote and facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the corporate sector, as well as, provide consulting and training for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplaces!

Sales, fundraising and writing are my other areas of expertise. Reading travelling and networking are my passions.

My mission is to empower and mainstream persons with disabilities, to help restore eyesight via exponentially increasing Cornea Retrieval and to inspire everyone to live with Dignity!

My autobiography named ‘The Other Senses’ has been published by Roli Books.

Despite being visually impaired, I have always stood my ground and rooted myself in the mainstream with dedication and unrelenting perseverance as my key strengths.

Some of my prestigious awards are The National Award 2013 by The President of India, the Exceptional Achievement in Entrepreneurship Award from the Delhi Government 2015, the ‘Red and White Bravery Award, the ‘Rajeev Gandhi Manav Seva’ Award; in addition, I was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship and also the Karamvir Fellowship, and the list goes on!


A heartwarming letter from a daughter (Fiona Banerjee) to her mother (Preeti Monga)

“Never give up; god helps those who help themselves” is a statement I’ve heard when I was little when I became a teenager and now when I am married and a mother of two lovely children. I pass on the same teaching and always remind my kids, what their Nani has followed all her life and what has made her what she is today. For years I did not believe that Preeti Monga, my lovely mother was visually impaired. Many times my brother and I would move our fingers quietly over her eyes to check if she really couldn’t see and there she was telling us maybe the 10th time if the day to stop it, and we would whisper to each other “she can see for sure”. There’s nothing that mom couldn’t do, she would cook, clean, wash utensils, feed us, get us ready for school, tie a saree perfectly and get herself to work. Who would say she couldn’t see??

Life has surely been a struggle for her, many a which I would never feel or understand, but what I have seen of her, I know that God couldn’t have been kinder to give me a mother who has loved us unconditionally, done the impossible to raise us with her head held high. She never gave up even when there were days where she just didn’t know what the future holds, she held our hands tightly and moved ahead facing the storm never once thinking of turning around. If she had, I wouldn’t have got this chance today to write about her and tell the world that whatever I am and hope to be I owe to you dear ma. Thanks for being that fuel that enables me to do the impossible.


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