Monthly Meet Ups

Our monthly get-togethers keep the social lives of people with disabilities active.

Here are a few images from our previous physical meet-ups

It is indeed challenging to source venues accessible for our wheelchair-user friends in Mumbai and to come up with meetup ideas to keep the interest going for both our disabled and non-disabled friends. However, here are some details of a few of our meetups.
Here is a list of our Monthly meet ups:
Meetup Date, time and venue Event Description Supported by:
1 21.5.17 4 -7 p.m. Bandra West Organized a Musical evening, supported by talented singers EmonManjima, Mukesh PancholiMe-era followed by a drum session by Mumbai Drum Circle. Singers were accompanied by
blind musicians of our Inclusive music Band- Pehli Baarish. Veteran actress Tanuja Ji joined us
Mitu Bidichndani,
Kanchan Rohera,
Sudipta Mandal, EZY MOV, Tanujaji Aaheli, Shamali Gupta and
Shobha Sachdev
2 18.6.17 2-6 p.m.RIMS International
School, Andheri west
Antakshari for all planned like a competition with teams, rules, prizes, fierce competition.
Conducted by Mr Suhail Moham-med. The highlight of the day was a lot of laughter and a bunch of high-fives at the event.
Shobha Sachdev,
Mitu Bidichandani
3 23.7.17  2:30-6  
One minute indoor games were organised for all Seventeen Events Training and promotions, EZY MOV and
Mangesh Shirpurkar
4 20.8.17 2.30-6
Bollywood Quiz and Film making Seventeen Events Training and promotions along with Vishakha
5 24.9.17 2.30-
Thakre-y, Swi-mming -Compl-ex, Vile Parle e-ast
Garba and Dandiya Raas

A short video on this meetup can be viewed at:

James Roy,
Arvind Prabhoo, Ajay Tanna, Col Sundaram, Dipti Doshi and
Sangita Jagtiani
6 29.10.17 Gossip G-7
Bandra West
Golmaal Returns feature film screening Neenu Kewlani, Dipti Doshi and
Sangita Jagtiani
7 26.11.17 2-6 pm Mahalakshmi Race
A day at the Race Course Management of the
RWITC, Mr Bergis
Desai, Dipti Doshi and EZY MOV
8 10.12.17 11-3
T2, International
Visit the JAYA HE Museum at the International Airport to celebrate International Human Rights Day Rekha Nair and the team
9 13.1.18 11- 3.30 MIG
Bandra East
A refreshing talk by Self Advocate Aditi of Aditi’s Corner.
Ramp walk by the KIMKAN
girls. Performance by C Sharp Special kidsmimicry music by our friends.
Talk by Shilpi Kapoor
Pilu Vidyarthi, Singer-Actor Shilpi Kapoor of Barrier Break Technologies, Shakuntala
Barua, Veteran BengaliActor Hema Ganacharand IDOBRO
10 25.2.18 3.30-7
Adapt, Bandra
Karaoke Evening Kala Sridhar and her entire team at ARK
events and
11 31.3.18 3.30-7 Adapt, Bandra BRAIN GYM session Sushant Mysorekar
from Brain Rhyme, Rekha Balgi and
Sandeep Sarang
12 29.4.18
Chilli’s, Bandra
Learning the art of making
Mocktail & Cocktails
Ace Mixologist-
Shatabdi Basu,
Chilli’s American
Grill and Bar
13 26.5.18 4-7
Adapt, Bandra
Mental Hygiene and
Soul Thumka
Lopa De, Ritika Sahani
14 24.6.18 3-6
Accessible Daylight
Studio Don Bosco Colleg-e,
Yoga session Hetal Shah
15 21.7.18 1.45-4.30
Dosti HouseU S
Screening of American showcase film “Becoming BulletProof” U.S Consulate GeneralMumbai.
Geeta Castelino, James Ferrell,
Tejaswini Karalkar
and Shamali Gupta
16 30.9.18 10.30 to 4. 30 pm The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East Mindful Movement, Asanas, Pranayam, Games, Relaxation techniques, talk by Hansaji,
Flute recital with satvik lunch
and evening refreshments
Hansaji J Yogendra, Director Yoga Institute Neelam Vaswani, Yoga instructor- Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal of Meeraki, Celebrated flautist Naveen Kumar and pianist Gauri Deshpande Rekha Balgi, Mrs Desai and all at the Institute
17 23.12.18 –11 Metro
Special subtitled screening of Shah Rukh Khan starrer film-
Sangeeta Gala, Shalini Gupta and team INOX
18 3.2.19
Sports Meetup was a popular game were thought of and modified by Sunita Sancheti and Santosh Shriyan for our participants having different disabilities. Lagori was explained to all by our deaf friends from Sanskardham College of deaf education in sign language. We had a relay race, lemon and spoon, dog in the bone. The event was conducted by Saurav of Seventeen Events. Supported by Rise World Summit, 2019.
19 ADAP-T,
Inclusive viewing of our puppet show- The Learning Factory for non-disabled children and their parents along with our friends with disabilities together watched the musical puppet play- The Learning Factory. Followed by a session on puppet making hosted by Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal Shaheen Desai, Street Konnect, Mangesh Shirpurkar, Aruna Shahane and Rekha Balgi

Our 1st Inclusive Monthly meetup was a Musical evening, held on the 21st of May at St. Pauls Media where a crowd of people with and without disabilities registered. Among them were persons who were deaf, blind, wheelchair users, adults with autism, adults who had epilepsy, senior citizens, non-disabled friends and professionals from other NGOs and our friends from the LGBTQ community. Two musicians from our Inclusive music band Pehli Baarish were in attendance. The evening was lined with performances by Indian Idol finalists, Mukesh Pancholi, Emon Chatterjee and singer Manjima GoswamiMumbai Drum Circle and veteran actress Tanujaji

The 2nd Monthly Meetup was held on the 18th of June at RIMS International School at Andheri West. We organized Antakshari, professionally conducted by Mr Sohail Mohammed. The winning team was awarded certificates and gift hampers.

The 3rd Monthly meetup was held on the 23rd of July at Adapt Bandra (West).  Seventeen Events Training and Promotions Team designed fun-filled min games for all which were played in teams.

The 4th Meetup took place on the 20th of August, once again supported by Team Seventeenevents who organized Film Scene creating followed by a Bollywood quiz.

For our September monthly meetup which was the 5th in our series held on the 24th of September, we decided to host the very popular Dandiya for our friends, some of whom would have stepped out for the Garba dance for the first time in their lives. Our friend Arvind Prabhoo supported us by providing the Prabodhan Thakre Sports Swimming Complex Basement for the event and also sponsored the refreshments for all. A professional DJ provided the much-needed music. Once again people having different disabilities and non-disabled friends were present. We also had Deaf Sign language reporters, Dipti Doshi and Col. Sundaram, from the Newzhook Team covering the event.

For our 6th Monthly Meetup on 29th October, we decided to step out and watch a film together. So Golmaal 2 screening at Gossip theatre in Bandra West, which is 50 per cent accessible for our wheelchair-user friends, was chosen as the film and venue.

With the commencement of the racing season in Mumbai, supported by our friend Mr Bergis Desaithe 7th Monthly Meetup was held at the Mahalakshmi Racecourse Worli on the 26th of November. The first time for many of our friends with disabilities at the Course and many tried their hand at betting.

To celebrate Human Rights Day on the 10th of December, our 8th Monthly Meetup was made possible by an invite by the GVK International Airport for a Museum Tour inside the Airport for a group of 20.

For our 9th Monthly meetup on 13th January 2018, we received support fromRISE INFINITY and hired the MIG Club hall and invited Singer/Actor Piloo Vidyarthi and veteran Bengali actor Shakuntala Barua. We had live music by Young Adults with autism from C Sharp Special Kids World and a refreshing talk by Founder Barrier Break Shilpi Kapoor.

Everyone tried their hand at singing at the karaoke tracks at our 10th Inclusive Monthly meetup supported by Kala Sridhar of ARK EVENTS on 25th Feb 2018.

Sushant Mysorekar from BRAIN GYM conducted a session for our meetup members as part of our 11th Meetup on 31st March 2018.

Our 12th Meetup was a refreshing Mixology session conducted by ace mixologist Shatbhi Basu at Chili’s American Grill and Bar.

On a slightly thought-provoking note, the 13th Meetup was conducted by Regression therapist- Lopa and a session on Soul Thumkawas conducted by Ritika Sahni.

Our 14th Meetup to be held in July sadly had to be cancelled due to the Mumbai rains.

15th Meetup was held at Dosti House, inside the US Consulate General Mumbai, wherein we screened the documentary Becoming Bulletproof a film with the entire cast of actors with disabilities.

Our 16th Meetup was held on 30th September 2018 at the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz East, where everyone learned relaxation techniques like Pranayam, and Mind movement and witnessed performances by flautist Naveen Kumar and pianist Gauri Deshpande along with a talk by Hansaji.

The 17th Meetup on 23rd December 2018 consisted of watching the Shah Rukh Khan starrer film- ZERO as a celebration for World Disability Day with our disabled and non-disabled friends at Metro, INOX.

For our 18th Meetup on 3rd February 2019 at Balkan-Ji-bari, Juhu, we planned a Sports Meetup where popular games were thought of and modified for our participants having different disabilities. Lagori was explained to all by our deaf friends in sign language. We had a relay race, lemon and spoon, dog in the bone. A healthy competition helped every disabled participant in understanding the advantages and limitations made by certain disabilities in some of the games.

The 19th Meetup held at ADAPT, Bandra was an extremely entertaining one as we showed the audience our puppet show The Learning Factory based on the classic fable by George Reavis- The Animal School.

At Trinayani, for the cause of disability awareness, we do not restrict ourselves only to exploring the media or conducting workshops. We have tried never to miss an opportunity to participate in or organize events that would help us further our cause. In doing so, we have been a part of several events which cannot be strictly labelled or categorized into neat boxes. On this page, we have gathered together some such events with the hope of adding to them in the future. Our NGO Trinayani  participated in the Kalaghoda Festival 2016.  Trinayani commissioned the ‘Let’s Talk’ sculpture, a product of our first National Inclusive Visual Arts Workshop Triumph Together in association with Khoj International, in Kolkata. The sculpture (32 inches high, 22 inches wide and 21 and a half inches deep) created in Fibre Glass has been crafted by Shri Hasmukh K. Angari who is Deaf-Blind, and Shri Shankar M. Bhoya who is an Artist and trainer (both from Ahmedabad)  and Shri Nantu Behari Das, a professional sculptor from Kolkata.   It has been created projecting Alphabets in American Sign Language the mother tongue of many deaf and deaf-blind persons in our country.   We had an installation of 5 “LETS TALK” sculptures on Rampart Row as part of the Visual Arts initiative from the 6th till the 14th of Feb which allowed us to talk about the world of persons who are deaf and deaf-blind.    Trinayani’s Inclusive music Band PEHLI BAARISH comprising of disabled and non-disabled artists also performed on the 11th of February at Cross Maidan from 5.30 to 5.45 pm. A 15 mins performance on karaoke tracks by Compere Kishor, Singers Mangala and Sandesh who are Blind and Ritika.       Our Founder Trustee Ritika Sahni who is also a singer performer is conducting the RHYME AND RHYTHM workshop titled HALLAM CHALLAM on the 7th of Feb at Museum Gardens from 4 to 5 pm. In a very friendly and affectionate ambience, this workshop gives an orientation to children to playfully sing, dance and make meaningful gestures TO SOME ORIGINAL NURSERY RHYMES & SONGS, including learning a few phrases of SIGN LANGUAGE. Her Albums for children will be displayed too.