Celebrating Motherhood

It is often said until you have a child with special needs you have no idea of the depth of your own unleashed strength, tenacity and resourcefulness. While every mother has her own beautiful journey of struggle and joy, we cannot deny the amplified perseverance of these mothers. Here’s a little something showing you all the multiple motherhood experiences, so different yet so similar from your own. We celebrated Mother’s Day 2020, in times of quarantine and lockdown, the Trianyani way, inviting our friends to share moments of togetherness with their parents which we then used to create our film.
Grateful to have the generous Ms Kalki Koechlin give us a message in the video, of knowing and understanding that, it is all right to ask for help.
A very special thank you to all our participants and your family for their co-operation and involvement in our initiative. In order of appearance they are
Nirmala Sancheti (mother) with Sunita
Jharna Chauhan with Adhyant and Nirbhay
Shobha Sachdev (mother) with Deepa
Suchita Yadwad (mother) with Omkar
Yojana Wavikar (mother) with Kimaya
Rekha Balgi (sister turned mother with Girish)
Aditi Shardul (Mother) with Harsh
Sudipta Mukherjee Mandal (mother) and Meera
Lalita. B. Bubna (mother) with Sushmeetha
Jeeja Ghosh (mother) with Hiya
Nirmal Warankar (mother) and Nirav
Jyothi. K. Kumar and Vivek
Sudeshna Mishra (mother) and Punit

Our heartfelt gratitude to Bauddhayan Mukherji of Little Lamb films for his support. Thank you to their editor Avishek Ghosh for creating the film from the footage provided.