Building Back Better



Building Back Better is an initiative that particularly highlights the major barriers that have been constructed by society. These barriers – when faced by people with disabilities tend to exclude them and challenge their independence.


This initiative started around World Disability Day 2021. As per the theme of the year: Leadership and Partnership: Towards an inclusive, accessible, and sustainable post-COVID-19 world by, for and with persons with disabilities.


We requested the audience to keep an eye out on structures that have entry points that pose a barrier for wheelchair users to enter- one of the key structures are stairs. This can be of any public place that is meant to be accessed by ALL. 







We received some wonderful responses from the audience:










1. 10th December 2021 – Infrastructure Accessibility

On Human Rights Day 2021, Trinayani in association with CABE Foundation had a Panel Discussion on standards of Built Environments through the lens of the government, accessibility experts and architects in India.

We had the pleasure of having:

Sh. T D Dhariyal
Mr Subhash C. Vashishth
Mr Amor Kool
Mr Danesh Kanagraj







The key takeaway from the sessions: 







2. 17th December 2021 – Digital Accessibility 


This panel discussion was organised in association with The Growth Collective, on how to make the digital world more accessible for our friends with disability. This session was meant for organisations, small businesses, corporates and even individuals who are envisaging creating a footprint among each and everyone specifically people with disabilities as they are a huge audience that may not be able to access these entities.


Topics discussed included accessibility adaptations of websites and documents, lens of lived experiences, social media and marketing aspects.

we had the pleasure of having heard some great professionals from various fields talk about accessibility and inclusion:


Dr Alim Chandani
Archana Kalbor
Disha Sukhija






The key takeaway from the sessions: 






3. 23rd January 2022 – An Alt text Workshop 

This workshop was conducted in collaboration with Diksoochi for Persons with Disabilities(DPwD) and Connect4.


The workshop was an ode to Alt-Text and the many ways we can approach and interact with it as a user. For this session, we had Venkatesh Naik sharing insights on the relevance and significance of Alt-Text in digital accessibility. Followed by our very own Shazia Qureshi, who took the participants through an exercise with the ‘Alt-Text as Poetry’ workbook as a resource.


Venkatesh Naik
Shazia Qureshi






4. 28th March 2022 – Ramping Up 

Ramps have been commonly understood as enabling accessibility for persons with disabilities. In this session, the focus was on how to and how not to design a ramp for accessibility.

Sh. T D Dhariyal
Mr Subhash C Vashishth
Mr Amor Kool
Kiran Bhagwat