A Poem to Celebrate Diversities

Somewhere down the road, societal and cultural norms together with the media pull to try to be more alike than different. We then tend to view difference and diversity as having less value. This film is an attempt to celebrate reality: acknowledging, respecting and appreciating the fact that humanity is diverse and richer because of the diversities inherent in nature and human beings. The Trinayani team advocates teaching about and celebrating similarities while simultaneously celebrating differences.
The “I am Special, So are you” film has been made possible due to tremendous support from our friends. A special thanks to actor Bharat Kaul. Our heartfelt gratitude to Sound & Vision India, and Mona Shetty for her support towards the vocal dubs for the film. We would like to thank Lal Vijay and Abhay Singh for lending their skills in production.
We would like to thank Piloo Vidyarthi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sunayana Sarkar, Asif Ali Beg among others who lent their voices

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