Inclusive Music Band “Pehli Baarish” shows

“The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose.” –Mahatma Gandhi.


Enjoy a short performance by members of Pehli Baarish at the CavinKare Ability Awards Ceremony in Chennai in Feb 2017


Performing for the children of the NGO PreranaAs Nipun Mehta, Founder of ServiceSpace said in a Ted talk, “If everyone can share their gifts, we will discover new forms of value.” We at Trinayani would like to practice generosity for the sake of generosity, compassion for the sake of compassion, without any external agenda or expectation.


Our Inclusive Music Band “Pehli Baarish”, formed along with our disabled and non disabled music maker friends is our way of sharing the gift of music with audiences in an hour refreshing entertainment.



IMG_9086The band performs different genre of music  as per the listening preferences of specific audiences.with professionally hired sound, once a month at unconventional venues like old age homes, hospitals for incurable diseases, rehabilitation centers for drug abuse, for cancer patients in hospitals, different shelter homes, orphanages and so on.

Apart from our usual group of disabled and non disabled musician friends, “Pehli Baarish” performances, we hope, will be graced by special appearances by more of our musician friends. “Pehli Baarish” is looking to eventually add to the variety of music that it performs and also inspire volunteering acts by magicians, stand-up comedians and actors and professional singers.



Copy of Pehli-Barish_A3_low-resolutionWe already have several friends who have volunteered their expertise in this endeavour. We thank Madan Chabria for his valuable advice and references. We are very thankful to Labdhi Sheth for designing the Pehli Baarish logo, banner, poster and other elements. We would also like to thank Malay Desai for his beautiful words which now grace our posters.

Our special thanks to our friends Mr Ashok Rohera and Mrs Kanchan Rohera whose generous contribution made the 1st performance possible.

We  thank Jhaverbhai Tarjabhai Patel Smarak Trust for their generous contribution for our second “pouring”, as well as our friend and well-wisher Kiran Mehra, who facilitated this donation for “Pehli Baarish”.

We thank Jai and Hemu Subramanium for supporting the 3rd “pouring” of PB and Arti for connecting us to Leprosy mission, Mumbai.

We have so far had three “pourings”, one for the children Prerana, an anti-trafficking organisation in Grant Road which works to prevent second generation trafficking, one for the inhabitants of King George V Memorial, a home for the destitute in Anand Niketan, Mahalaxmi and most recently, for the inhabitants for Acworth Leprosy Hospital in Wadala . All three were very rewarding experiences for everyone involved. We hope to continue to spread joy and share happiness with all our audiences through our once-a-month “pourings”.
If you are an NGO and would like us to share an evening of music, smiles and happiness with you through a pouring of “Pehli Baarish”, please contact us with the following information.

  •  Contact Person at your end
  • The field of work of your organization
  • Number of participating audiences
  • Location (classroom, hall, auditorium, open space, garden)




  • If you are a performer in the creative arts, we welcome you to join us and share your expertise/gift/talent in a PB pouring.


  • Please connect with us if you wish to support us in the hiring of professional sound gear and other equipment, we have fixed a cost irrespective of venue and location. We would welcome donations to the cause.


We hope that “PEHLI BARISH” will prove to be the first shower, bringing with it a fragrance of drenched land that no perfume in the world can match!


We hope it brings the lush of happiness, gusts of smiles… and leaves behind with all the colours of a rainbow.


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Pehli Baarish Performance at Chennai click here


Pehli Baarish Peformance for Fazlani Gobale Academie click here


 If you wish to view more photographs of the performances of “PEHLI BAARISH”, click here.



With gratitude and love from the Trinayani team