Conduct Awareness Workshops

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At Trinayani we design thought provoking and engaging sensitization workshops , designed according to the needs of our clients and their knowledge level.


At Trinayani we believe that Interdependence is the mantra of the day. We all have a right to equal relationships, equal ways of communication and acceptance within people. Each one of us has our abilities and disabilities and we all need help in different aspects of life.


Our aim is to alter perspectives of the non disabled population on the strengths, problems and discrimination faced by persons with disability. The premise being that we are all different, yet similar. It is our differences that make us stand out. And that makes us always feel special.


Yet, the minute we are faced with individuals who we perceive to be ‘different’, we don’t treat them as ‘normal’.


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We feel that the need of the hour is to highlight the presence of people with disabilities in everyday situations and portray them as integral and productive members of the society by shifting the focus from their impairments.

Copy of Self advocate Namrata and priti teaching appropriate signs to the group at the Indigo Workshop                      Self Advocate Sharmila Divatia busting myths on disability


We work towards demystifying the subject of disability through disability awareness training, conducted by experts in their field and Self advocates from different disabilities and different backgrounds. So the workshops are usually co-hosted by both disabled and non disabled presenters, urging people to listen for connections, for commonalities, and while doing so, to suspend assumptions about persons with disabilities.


We believe that “Disability is not the problem. The real problem is ATTITUDINAL barriers.”


We conduct workshops for various shareholders like clubs, hospitals, bus conductor associations, etc.


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Specifically, we design workshops for:

  1. The Academic Sector (including students, teachers and non-teaching staff):
  • Disability Sensitization Workshops for Regular Schools ( Click Here)
  • Disability Sensitization workshops for students and staff of Delhi Public Schools ( Click Here)
  • Parents Disability Camp at Andaman ( Click Here)
  • Diversity Sensitization through our version of Snakes & Ladders game with children of HPCL Colony, Chembur ( Click Here)
  • Triumph Together Inclusive Visual Arts Workshops ( Click Here)
  • Trinayani Sign Language Workshops ( Click Here)
  • 2 day Train the Trainer (TTT) Disability Advocacy workshop conducted by Ritika Sahni for Ngo Prerana, Siliguri (Click Here)
  • Train the Trainer (TTT) Disability Advocacy workshop conducted by Ritika Sahni in partnership with Giftabled Bangalore (Click Here)
  1. The Corporate Sector
  • Trinayani Workshops for Corporates, Media Houses and Other Stakeholders (Click Here)
  • Disability Sensitization Workshops  for Air India Sats in Gurgaon, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Hyderabad (Nov-Dec 2016) conducted by Ritika Sahni (Click Here)